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Turner Watercolour Papers

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J M W Turner (1775- 1851) was passionate about the papers which he used.  They were always an integral part of his work whether for a speedy sketch or a highly finished watercolour.  As a relatively wealthy artist in his lifetime he was able to define and have made many papers to his own specification.  Three of these, the Turner Grey, Turner Blue and Turner Nocturne feature in the collection below.
We would like to thank and acknowledge Tate Britain for allowing us access to samples of the works and papers from which our modern versions have been derived.  Our thanks also for allowing us to display images here of typical paintings which are part of their collection.  Some of our papers can be seen in use in Turner's Experiments room concerning colour and line.These papers are manufactured using the same methods described for the Historic Watercolour paper range.
Most papers will need to be prepared by soaking and drying taped to a board to stretch them and to provide a drum tight surface on which to work.  We can supply details of this process together with sufficient gummed tape for quarter imperial sheets for the whole order.
CUT SHEETSWe can supply these papers cut into half or quarter sheets at no extra cost.  If you require this service please ask us when you place the order.