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Featured papers have been matched to handmade papers from the 18th century or earlier to late 19th century
Most of the papers illustrated have been developed in conjunction with customers to meet specific needs and in many cases have become reference sources for a wide range of classic applications.  The tones shown below can only be indicative and we recommend purchasing a comprehensive sample book.
Papers are made by blending from cotton and linen pulps which are buffered against acidic degradation and pollution with calcium carbonate to ensure a pH superior to 7.5.  High tear and burst strengths are assured. Tub neutral sized.
The sheets are restraint dried and finished pressed to give a light surface texture.
 As illustrated by the Petrarch Press papers are often chosen for special edition letterpress worksThe tones, achieved with neutral earth pigments, are selected from a match to late 18th century documents and can be stained to match other intensities