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Some important information  to assist your purchasing decisions.

UNIQUE.  We offer rare and  unique styles of paper made by hand and not found elsewhere to meet all artistic, restoration and book art needs.


PRODUCT MENUS. Our product menus are designed to allow you to browse papers which we consider are appropriate for the application.  The same paper may therefore appear on different lists, but always the same price structure. 

Where there are clear differences between versions of the same paper due to recipe or raw material changes we may decide to offer more than one version, complete with an explanation.


PRODUCT PROMOTIONS.  Our new site will offer regular promotions of new products.  We expect this to be an improved regular feature on the home page.


VIEWING THE PAPERS  We cannot guarantee accurate colour and contrast rendering of the papers across the internet. Not only will different software render colours differently, but so will the display settings of individual computers. We can therefore only claim that our images represented good colour accuracy when processed in our system.


CONSISTENCY OF COLOURS AND SURFACES   The nature of the handmaking process is such that there will be variations in tone between different batches, as for, wallpaper & paint. We endeavour to produce the best match at all times and we offer a comprehensive samples service. 


SECURE SHIPPING. Where possible we use recorded delivery services to avoid problems of loss of bulky packages if attempts to deliver are unsuccessful. 


TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.  We are pleased to provide additional information about any of the papers and to advise as to the suitability for particular applications.


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