Limp Binding & Book Cover Papers
A selection of tough durable bookcase papers for pamphlet and book covers with high rub resistance and folding strength.  Made from hemp rich blends containing some cotton and linen, the tones are for the most part purely determined by the nature of the raw materials.  As can be seen below, there may be substantial differences between makings for this reason.

Pure Flax Cover papers

Made from raw flax fibres, allowed to ferment, cooked and beaten from original fibre lengths up to 20mm

The papers are identified by their year of manufacture since the  grey green colour and finish varies between makings owing to the variation in the raw materials available

Designed originally to provide a tough durable cover paper, they also can be used effectively for drawing and have been chosen for photo mounts for an exhibition of Picasso's work in Paris. 

Flax Cover Paper, 2007

140 g/m²  48 x 68 cm nominal size.

Flax Cover Paper, 2015

140g/m²  48 x 68 cm nominal size,



Hemp Rich Cover Papers

The larger format papers detailed below contain high proportions of hemp fibres prepared on site from retted and cooked raw fibres.  They have been loft dried and subsequently pressed to produce an interesting selection of warm beige toned papers with a variety of textured surfaces. The colours are due entirely to the natural fibres and they contain no extra colouring agents.


Pale blued hemp & flax laid

240 g/m²   56 x 76 cm, 22" x 30"

Hemp & brown Flax wove

220 g/m²   56 x 76 cm, 22" x 30"

Blued broad laid hemp & flax

200 g/m²   56 x 76 cm, 22" x 30"

Blued Hemp wove, 200 g/m²

Nominal size 56 x 76cm,  22" x 30"