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JEMA 2016


Artiste Ouvrier will be present at the manufacture during the Jema 2016 (1-2-3 April), offering you an exhibition/performance for you to discover his work : in situ achievements, cuttings, paintings...


Artiste Ouvrier is a stencilist who has been practising his art over the last decade on the walls of big cities as well as on different mediums, such as paper. A very elaborate art, detailed and precise in its achievement, offering another vision of what the urban art can be. Drawing his inspiration notably from the symbolists, he works with stencils, following a technique he has invented. Accomplishing copies of great painters such as Gustave Caillebotte's “The floor planers” or Eugène Delacroix's “Liberty leading the people”, as well as Arcimboldo's caricatures which he reworked and adapted to his technique. He also interprets religious characters such as Parvati, the Virgin... His work is fiddly, complex and of great imagination, playing with the use of bright and coloured hues : reds, oranges, yellows, greens. The detail, the fineness of lines, the abundance and the treasures of decorative motifs characterize his style. Artiste Ouvrier asserts himself as one of the greatest French stencilist of his generation. Artistic laboratory in itself, he chose to pass on his technique by creating two schools, one in France (working Class Artist) and the other in Germany (ASA).

JEMA 2015

Festival d'Art Gravelor

Come to meet us in Bordeaux 19-20-21 December 2014 at the Halle des Chartrons
during this art exhibition Gravelor.
A wonderful occasion to show you: Notebooks/Travel books, handmade papers and graphic art productions, 




Festival "Autumn Colours 2014" 20 - 21 sept 2014

Journées Européennes des Métiers d'Arts 2014

Guest of the Villa Arnaga in Combo-les-Bains, (House of the famous french writter Edmond Rostand)

We did a demonstration in the Orangerie of handmade paper with our movable worshop. 





Interview, papers 



Sud-Ouest du 01/04/2015

Pratique des Arts N°119 December 2014

Pratique des Arts N°119 is now in bookstall !

With a great paper about the factory superbly illustrated


Master paper making at Ruscombe paper mill - France

A great trip story from Erik Tiemens after his coming at the factory